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Techon Led supplies High brightness P5 Indoor LED Module RGB Display Panel for creating LED display boards of all sizes. With super high resolution of 40000 pixels/sq meter and 32 bit color with upto 5000:1 contrast ratio this is the HD led module for outdoor display solutions.

Also create DIY projects using LED modules. Program your desired messages/videos/images at desired font size and animation using the P5 LED display module by Techon Led. Also get P10 P6 P3 LED display modules at lowest cost online only at Nevon Express.

How to Program ?

Easy to program these modules using LED display controllers or Arduino controller.

Technical Specifications:

Module Type: P5
LED Color: RGB
LED Controller: Not Included
Size: 32 x 16x 2 cm
Resolution: 64 x 32
Pixel Pitch: 5 mm
Density: 40,000 pixel/sq meter
Lifetime (50% brightness): 100,000 Hours
Refresh Rate: >1000 Hz
Voltage: 5V DC

P5Indoor LED Module

₹1,399.00 Regular Price