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Maintenance & Warranty Document

The primary objectives of the maintenance program for the Led Display System are:

- Ensure the equipment's reliability and availability

- Extend the equipment's lifespan

- Minimize downtime and disruption to operations

- Ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards


Life spam of Product:

Techon Led Ensures that our led display systems are working life spam of 1.5 lac hours with an avg 99.99 percent led working. And Our warranty is also maximum as per market standards. We offer All India service Network with 55 Plus Dealers. Techon also offer its customer complaints resolution under 12 Working hours in some cases with maximum TAT of 72 working hours.

Product Maintenance and Warranty Terms


1. Maintenance Guidelines


1.1 Yearly Regular Cleaning and Inspection

   - Keep the product clean and free from dust, dirt, and debris.

   - Use a soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals.

   - Inspect the product regularly for any signs of damage or wear & tear.


1.2 Power Supply

   - Connect the product to a compatible and properly grounded power source.

   - Avoid using the product with voltage fluctuations or unstable power supply.

   - Use only the recommended power and cables provided with the product.


1.3 Software Updates

   - Keep the product's software up to date by installing recommended updates.

   - Regularly check for firmware or software updates on the manufacturer's website or official channels.

   - Follow the provided instructions for updating the software.


1.4 User Manual and Guidelines

   - Read and follow the instructions provided in the user manual carefully.

   - Adhere to any specific usage guidelines, limitations, or precautions mentioned in the manual.

   - Contact customer support if you have any questions or need assistance.

      +91-95925-13666 , +91-98760-87390 , +91-82849-00872

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Warranty Terms

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