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P10 LED modules represent a versatile and efficient solution for creating high-quality LED displays. These modules are designed for applications where clarity, brightness, and durability are essential. Whether used in outdoor signage, digital billboards, scoreboards, or other display applications, P10 LED modules offer a powerful and visually appealing solution.
Key Features:
Pixel Pitch (P10): Refers to the distance between the centers of adjacent pixels on the LED module. A smaller pixel pitch generally results in higher resolution and clearer images.
Brightness: P10 LED modules are known for their high brightness levels, ensuring optimal visibility even in outdoor environments and varying lighting conditions.
Weather Resistance: These modules are often designed to withstand different weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor installations.
Energy Efficiency: LED technology is inherently energy-efficient, making P10 LED modules a cost-effective choice for large-scale displays.
Modularity: P10 LED modules are typically modular, allowing for easy assembly and customization of display sizes to meet specific project requirements.
Color Quality: These modules are capable of displaying vibrant and true colors, providing an engaging visual experience.
Long Lifespan: LED technology offers a longer lifespan compared to traditional lighting sources, contributing to the durability of P10 LED modules.
Outdoor and Indoor Advertising Displays
Stadium Scoreboards
Information Displays in Public Spaces
Digital Billboards
Stage Backdrops
P10 LED modules can be seamlessly integrated into larger display structures. Their modular design allows for flexibility in configuring displays of various sizes and resolutions.

P10RGB 0047/P10/RGB/3535/M05-02/LK/2020/11/11/2500/28836-185

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