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Introducing our Back-Open P8 Iron Cabinets, designed for outdoor displays measuring 960x960mm. These cabinets are constructed using 20 gauge sheet metal and CNC technology, ensuring a heavy-duty and precise build. The cabinets are powder-coated for durability and to protect against harsh outdoor elements such as sun, rain, and dust. The back-open design allows for easy access and maintenance of your outdoor display, making it convenient for any maintenance or repair work that may need to be done. With their strong and robust build, our Back-Open P8 Iron Cabinets offer the perfect solution for securely housing and protecting your outdoor display. Whether you are using them for advertising, broadcasting, or other outdoor display needs, these cabinets will provide the protection and support you need to showcase your content effectively.

Back-Open P8 Iron Empty Cabinets for Outdoor Displays - 960x960mm Blank

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