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Image by Drew Beamer

About Us

Have team of professionals in India and abroad and all india delivery tie ups. Delivery across india in 7-9 working days and we have more then 100 products to make a relation. Also worked with gov. Sector Projects.We offer qualitative microcontroller based items which incorporate LED Display Boards, led video walls, Production presentation loads up, Multiline prepares to leave, Multi Color led sign boards, Multi lingual loads up, Interest rate loads up, Score loads up, Currency Display Boards, Token show frameworks, Digital timekeepers, Customized logos, UP Down counters, Still loads up and jewellery rate presentation loads up

Key areas of applications of our Display Systems

Display of Real Time Clock & Temperature.

To display Gold, interest and foreign exchange rates.

Display Boards at Clubs & multiplexes.

To display promotional schemes for FMCG / Corporate.

LED Display systems at Shopping malls & retail stores.

Display Board to display traffic information.