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ZH-A100 Full Color Asynchronous Card

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ZH-A100 Full Color Asynchronous Card
Specification–V1.1 2018.6.8
I. Function Introduction:
ZH-A100 belongs to full-color series asynchronous card, its functions
are as follows:
1. Adopt the same refresh technology as synchronous receiving card, with the advantages of high
fresh, high gray and high brightness of receiving card ;
2. Support cascading receiving cards, support any size screen;
3. Support access to Internet management such as 3G/4G/Wi-Fi;
4. Support HD video hard decoding;
5. Support video and picture directly display of U disk/TF card;
6. Adopt the sending card + receiving card structure, the screen adjustment method is compatible
with full color, which is convenient and quick;
7. Support remote cluster release management system;
8. Support temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, PM2.5, dust, noise, smoke sensor;
9. Support weather forecast. II. Basic Function Parameters
1. System Parameters:
CPU Dual-core A9,1.8GHz
System Internal Storage 1G
Storage 8G
Control Area
Maximum Width:1024,Maximum Height:1024
Support Resolution
2. Communication Port:
1. TF card port, support the external expansion of storage space (optional);
2. Support WIFI hotspots;
3. Support U disk port;
4. Support 100M Network;
5. Support server cluster;
6. Support 3G/4G communication (optional);
3. LED Load Parameters:
1. Support 8 pieces hub 75E standard ports;
2. Support one Network port to cascade receiving cards, support maximum pixel within 384*320;
3. Support control area 384*320;
III. Input/Output Port Arrangement and
1. Hardware Introduction:
2. Note Instructions:
1. Power supply and work indicator;
2. Audio output port;
3. USB port;
4. 100M Network port, connecting to a computer, router or switcher, used for communication;
5. 1000M (1G) Network port, used to connecting with receiving card;
6. 5V power port;
7. 5V power port;
8. WIFI antenna port;
9. 3/4G antenna port(default blank welding, optional);
10. Battery port, used for saving clock settings;
11. 4 pieces Hub 75E port, supporting 32 scans;
12. 4 pieces Hub 75E port, supporting 32 scans;
13. Sensor port;
14. RS485 port;
15. I/O port, used for expansion or control;
3. Working Conditions:
Rated Voltage (V) 5.0 Maximum 6 Minimum 4
Rated Current (A) 1.5 Maximum 3.2 Minimum 0.8A
Rated Power Consumption (W) 7.5 Maximum 16 Minimum 4
Temperature limit (°C) Maximum 80 Minimum -40
Working Environment Temperature (°C) Maximum 80 Minimum -40
Working Environment Humidity(%) Maximum 95 Minimum 0


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