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How to Unbox the Digital Signage

Follow this video How to Unbox the Digital Signage Plug and Play

Step 1: Give Power to Digital Signage

Step 2: Click on the Home Button From the Remote

Step 3: Open the MagicInfos In Digital Signage.

Step 4: Press the Return Button From the remote.

Step 5: Go to the internal storage and select the Pendrive.

Step 6: Now go to the options choice the Send Option.

Step 7: Select Your Video and Press the send button.

Step 8: Now Choose the Internal Memory.

Step 9: Now Remove the Pendrive.

Samsung Customer Care Number: 1800307267864

How to Upload data in cloud Signage

Step 1: Connect the device with the Internet Via (Wifi)

Step 2: Open the Digital Signage App.

Step 3: You will get the URL and Username & Password from backside.

Step 4: Login while using the Login credentials.

Step 5: Select the Slides. You can add slides as Images 

Step 6: Image Size should be Width: 1280px and Height: 720px

Step 7: You can compress the images. after compressing the image that will load faster.

Step 8: Select the Slider Settings

Step 9: Set the duration in seconds of slides and Mode of image.

Step 10: You can also upload videos also a same.

Step 11: Videos settings is already done.

Step 12: Go in Setting options you will get Toggle Slide/Video. That will play one a single time.

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