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What is LED Digital Signage Solution?

LED Digital Signage Solution is a kind of latest technology-based OOH advertising solution with the help of digital signage. As we know almost every city of India is having basic flex based signages and with that there is almost every month a ton of garbage increases. A lot of paper and ink wastage pollution generated. And many more the installation and dismantling the signage after the ad contract period is very expensive. So in digital signage solution all this no need to worry just Install a LED digital signage and can save lots of time and it offers the benefit of led video walls

What are the benefits of LED digital signage?

There are lots of benefits from digital signage like Content dynamically changes feature it helps to show multiple ads at the same time like one after the other whereas in basic flex based we can show one ad at one signage only. Also the visibility of digital signage is much more attractive like it supports animations and pictures floating along with video ad playing. And also an advanced version with the help of video processors offers like live video streaming live tv matches can be seen on this.

  1. Images and video can play on  LED digital signage 
  2. The content can change remotely from anywhere in the world using the internet.
  3. We can schedule the content as per ad contract like we can show any particular content for any scheduled time with the help of led digital signage operating software.
  4. It can be easily viewed in sun brightness also movable.

So the digital signage solution can be the best solution for smart cities and also a move on infrastructural wise. It also helps promoters to offer online content uploading and approval without any human activity all can be autopilot mode.

Why do you need LED digital signage?

When in 2014 Modi Ji become Prime Minister of India in since his initial starting time Mr. Modi started campaigning to do all the government sectors from the old basic method to digitalization. And the government passed an ordinate In 2015, Smart City Digital Mission with the thought of developing new or old cities to become Major attractions for the public and the major activity in digital, and citizen-friendly. The main idea is behind this to empower the infrastructure of the city and also get public life with the less polluted environment in these smart cities with the most advanced & powerful technologies and management of resources like schemes on solar installations and many more things are focused. A smart city is to empower the nation with clean and clear infra and pre-planned colonies and corporate development in this led digital signage play a vital role to give a better outlook to these smart cities of India. And here PVC flex format static display billboards can be replaced with LED digital signage is an extraordinary commendable change in the field of Outdoor advertising. And also towards digitization that will transform the face of out of home (OOH) displays in India. As now everywhere people want to make their own business places more attractive and more informative so there is only one perfect product to make it that’s LED digital signage. It gives wings to your imagination like if you put your content into this then it will offer you animation floating snowing and many more options to show that data or information with led digital signage.SO beat the heat of the market LED digital signage is necessary for every organization indoor or it may be their outdoor requirements.

Sourcing LED Digital Signage from a Qualitative and Supportive Manufacturer in India

TECHON a unit of AB SALES is a leading manufacturing firm in LED Digital Signage Since 2011 with more than 3000 certified customers across Worldwide. TECHON is offering 5-7 days Delivery anywhere in the World along with a wide range of digital signage products and led custom solutions to meet different types of OOH display requirements and event-based led solutions. Digital displays allow multiple static picture messages and multiple video messages on a single digital display screen and all in vice versa. The complete process of led digital signage can be operated from a single-desk software from PC or a mobile application, thereby its gives the opportunity to the operator to operate the LED digital signage remotely.

Is LED digital signage very expensive?

Anyhow many people say yes and many say no it’s not so much expensive. So there are different-different views as per every person have their own views but as majority said it’s not so much expensive if we compare the total cost of its to the static media, It’s one kind of long term investment and that can give you good returns as compared to low investment low returns and more invest with high returns so led digital signage offers a high returns

  • It offers much more options to select multiple ads on a single screen so we can adopt more advertiser for a single screen
  • It offers less physical work and low maintenance as compared to static media which need to replace at every end of the contract.
  • It offers a vital range of portfolios for customers.

In other words, led digital signage not as expensive as we put money on static media.

Where can I use LED digital signage?

So, what is Digital Signage?  That ’s a great question!  And you got the answer and so on. Now here the Where we can use Led digital signage is almost everywhere. There’s been a lot of discussion about the meaning of the term and even if the name itself is even the right one, but there’s no question that it’s everywhere.  You can’t drive down the road, walk into a restaurant, head to an airport, even go a school anymore without seeing digital signage.  Because it ’s all around us, the name is a catch-all for all kinds of different techniques being used in lots of different ways for different digital signage purposes.

Some of Major LED Digital Signage Applications are :

  • Airport Information: Arrival or Departure Led Digital Display
  • Railway Information: Arrival or Departure Led Digital Display
  • Hotels almost in every corner of the hotel-like restaurant area to show the menu in led digital display and hotel name display.
  • LED Digital signage is used during exhibitions for showing there all information.
  • Schools Display: Led digital Signage are also used for schools

So there is lots of application of led digital signage. some of that can be easily search on google.

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