Technology has become a vital part of our lives. From Display Signage Boards to Telecommunication, there is almost no field that can work without it. Technology has spread itself at various levels of our lives. At different places like Railways Stations & Airports, Gold interest, and foreign exchange rates, promotional schemes for FMCG /Corporate, display traffic information, when you see Digital Sign Boards, we understand how significant it has become for us. With the immense efforts of various LED Signboard Manufacturers companies, we have come through a long way to utilize such technology in our day to day life. These companies have not only given us the premium quality product in our lives but also made our life easier. These companies are continuously introducing more creativity and innovation in their work to provide us a surreal experience. We have curated here a few company names that are leading the market with the same sort of efforts and innovation

List of Top 5 Sign Boards Manufacturers in India 


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Techon may also be known as another name for customer satisfaction. With a proficient team, they have succeeded in maintaining a smooth rapport with their client. The LED Signboard Manufacturer company, Techon has a well-equipped manufacturing house that works under experienced designers to ensure a world-class quality product. They offer a perfect balance of quality and end-to-end support to their client. With a vast product line and customized design, they happily embrace all the upcoming challenges of the market. With the expanded services as LED Signboard Manufacturer company they are also the wholesaler, retailer, importer, exporter, etc, they hold huge credibility in the market of LED Sign Boards. They assure you that you get the premium quality products in an affordable range.

AB Sales

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One of the leading companies in the market of LED Signboard, LED Walls, and Digital Signage boards, etc. Ab sales are one of the prominent names in the industry that is there in the market since 2008 and since then providing the best quality to its clients. Ab Sales is covering a large proportion of the market with varied services like a wholesaler, exporter, importer, retailer, manufacturer, and trader as well. Huge manufacturing capacity, in-depth market research, and a vast product line are some of the significant USPs of Ab Sales. The CEO Mr. Ajay Aggarwal of this Ludhiana, Punjab based company, has a vision of satisfying the ever-changing demands of their valued clients with the desired product. That is the reason it is there in the list of Top 5 LED Sign Boards Manufacturer in India.


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Jignu has been valued its clients with transparent deals and a moderate price range. They conduct their operation from Delhi & Ludhiana and provides a solution in a wide variety of LED Signboard categories such as Medicinal technical tools, Process controlling devices, streamlined requisitions, IT & telecommunications, advanced home robotization & power hardware. With more than 100 product lines, Jignu holds a great experience of a strong customer relationship. These product lines incorporate products like Multi-lingual Board, LED Display Boards, LED video walls, Multi-Color LED Sign Boards, Interest rate Board, Scoreboard, Currency Display Boards, Production presentation loads up, Customized logos, and Jewelry rate presentation Boards, Digital timekeepers, etc.


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A well-recognized field working for several years, Samsung commits to a vast number of clients in both offline and online operations. Samsung believes in utilizing the talent and resources in the right direction with complete support to give a better experience to its clients and its employees as well. Since 2005, they have been continuously making endeavors that have been appreciated by their clients. That is also the reason behind being in the list of 10th most trustable LED Signboard Manufacturer company globally. Samsung focuses on not only abiding the local laws of the states where they are conducting the business but also strictly follows the code of conduct. They provide a complete solution in different categories like Electronics, IT & Mobile Communication, and Device Solutions as well.

Quangli LED

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Quangli works with various sorts of clients such as electronic companies, educational institutes, and MNC, etc. Quangli offers creativity with no compromise in quality. With their passionate team and vast capacity production unit, they tend to match up with commitments ad deadlines. With transparent dealing and ethical trade and work policies, they have made a benchmark in the industry of LED Signboard Manufacturers . The advanced technology that they use at Quangli meets all the requirements that create the perfect balance among the company and the client expectations. They have incorporated international standards of quality in their product line while maintaining a moderate price range for its valuable clients. Their prominent Display Boards on which they work are the Display Boards at Clubs & multiplexes, Shopping malls & retail stores, Trade Fairs & Exhibitions, Hotels, Hospitals, Institutions, Schools, Banks ATMs.

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