Multi Lingual Display Boards

We offer Multi Lingual LED sheets which are fit for showing information in different dialects. All fonts accessible in a Windows PC are underpinned by these sheets and information could be shown in any framework chose font. These sheets are equipped for working in immediate interface with Pcs and have certain different characteristics  including :

1) All standard and made to order sizes available.
2) Display sizes ranging from 2.5″ x 9″ Square inches to 6 x 10 Sqft
3) Different LED density with LED gap varying from 5 mm to 12.5 mm
4) PC interface through Serial port or Ethernet.
5) Memory size 2000 characters to 32000 characters.
6) Languages – All fonts in a Windows PC are supported.
7) LED Colors available: Red, Green and blue.
8) High bright LED used in all boards.
9) Clear visibility even at day time.
10) Wide viewing angle.
11) Weather proof caseing for outdoor boards.
12) IP64 / IP 65 standard cabinets available on request.
13) Input 230V AC – 50 Hz
14) Negligible Power consumption.

Multi Lingual Board


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