Multi Color Display Boards

Multi Color Dislay Boards show information in different shades and are a great medium for publicizing and showing customer particular messages. Information, for example, Season’s welcome, news or any possible data in different vibrant colors could be shown on these presentation sheets in numerous impacts, for example, moving, stable or glimmering. Our reach of showcase sheets has different characteristics.

1) All standard and made to order sizes available.
2) Display sizes ranging from 2.5″ x 9″ Square inches to 6 x 10 Sq feet.
3) Different LED density with LED gap varying from 5 mm to 12.5 mm.
4) PC interface through customized software via Serial port or Ethernet.
5) Single Line / Multi Line.
6) Messages can be entered / edited through keyboard also.
7) Memory size 2000 characters to 32000 characters.
8) Languages – English and Hindi.
9) Text and numeric display.
10) High bright LED used in all boards.
11) Clear visibility even at day time.

Multicolor Board


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