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LED Video Walls


The medium of conveying the messages is progressively transforming day by day. The need of making these mediums more surreal and seamless is evolving continuously. This need is the main reason for creating smart devices to exhibit messages effectively. As a result, LED Video Walls are becoming the most popular medium to portray the messages in all sorts of indoor and outdoor surroundings.

The technology that has been chosen behind this medium makes it quite flexible and versatile to use. The seamless blend of the pixels in blocks of the display screen is a perfect example of an evolved technology. As per the need, they can be used as smaller screens for indoor surroundings and wider screens for a mass audience of outdoor locations. 

The range of pixels is formulated to ensure the perfect contrast of colors with the accurate amount of brightness. Different technology has been used in both the indoor and outdoor walls that give the perfect vision to the audience as the distance between the pixels needs to be more for bigger screens in contrast to smaller screens that are used in indoor LED Video Walls.

The distance between the audience and the video wall makes the basic difference between the two types of LED Displays, the more the distance is the bigger the screen is required and such walls are the outdoor Video Walls 

Outdoor Video Walls

To make the highly defined outdoor video walls, the range and pitch of the pixels are curated in these walls. To make the video visible properly form every angle to the audience, this placement and number of pixels on the screenplay an important role. Irrespective of the distance and height, the video that you see on our LED Video Walls is a next-level experience in itself.

We have taken great consideration of the built quality of these walls to keep them safe in unfavorable weather and bright daylight. There will be no compromise in brightness and the color formation of the video that you will ever experience.

Indoor Video Walls

with the evolving SMD technology that has been used for Indoor settings for video walls, the popularity is immensely increasing for these video tools. The technology of Direct view LED video walls in Indoor display walls gives great flexibility to its users. The seamless blend of the divided screens makes it the priority to spread the message to the targeted audience. Even in the closer view audience will experience a good quality of the picture. 

Use it for business conferences or educational seminars, nothing can go better than these video Walls that can be customized in shapes and sizes. 

The Most Considerable Points Before Opting One


The end to end support plays a very crucial role while opting for a specific brand for the LED Video Walls. You would need proper guidance to ensure the complete utilization of the device and to discard any sorts of doubt of its usage. Make sure you opt for a brand that would help you to optimize the characteristics of the device fully.


Not all the needs can be fulfilled in a static type of module. The liberty of customization enhances the trust and interest of the brand itself. Now, we give that flexibility to our clients to deliver them what they require.


One needs to consider the costing factor very crucially while opting for LED Video Walls as there should not be any hidden cost included there and the procedure needs to be concise and feasible.

Care & Maintenance

Try to go for the models that need the least care and maintenance that will keep the costing aligned with your budget. One needs to accept the fact that the maintenance required may vary from one device to another as per its functionality.

Why choose us?

With our experienced and dedicated team, we not only focus on what you want, but our focus is to give you the best after understanding your needs and the nature of your work where you will be using these walls. We provide you the best guidance along with the right support at the right time. Along with following all the points discussed above, we are continuously leading the market of LED Video Walls in Ludhiana and the PAN India.

From an array of variety, we thrive to give you the best option out of them. We also provide you the flexibility of custom-made Video walls. The picture quality that these direct view LED walls offer to make them the most desirable display technology in today’s time when buyers are considering it as an investment for them. Our world-class product that never fails to match up with the expectations of our clients is the base of our sustainability and growth in the market.

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