Led video wall

First of all because of the pandemic time we understand the actual importance of video conferencing with video wall. Think of your video wall like one big blank paper. Though the video wall consists of many individual tiles, a sophisticated control system allows you to display outside the bounds of the individual video wall panels. The data can stretch across multiple screens. Differentiate between a projectors or single screen, a video wall allows you to display more content on more space. A wide range of sources from computers to cable feeds can be incorporated and displayed together.

In conference halls and meeting rooms, indoor LED video walls can create a spectacular backdrop with high picture quality and edge-to-edge display that can cover the entire length of the stage. It has narrow pixel pitch, which delivers excellent picture quality even at close range, which is vital for an indoor video wall. You get excellent return on investment as these high quality video walls.

The indoor LED video wall is today gaining importance as a dynamic backdrop in conference halls as it significantly adds value to the conference speeches and presentations with pictures, charts, videos and much more.

Product information – Pricing , photos, raw materials or ingredients, suggested applications and other product information. It also provide

Enhance the customer service experience – interpretive signage in museums, galleries, zoos, parks and gardens, exhibitions, tourist and cultural attractions.

Promotion – Promoting  products  of services , may be related to the location of the sign or using the screen’s audience reach for general advertising.

Brand building – in-store digital sign to promote the brand and build a brand identity.

Influencing product –  Signage to help shoppers to choose dresses inside a fashion store or devices that on a computerized shopping trolley helping the customer locate products, check prices, access product information and manage shopping lists.

Increase customer experience – Applications include the reduction of perceived wait time in the waiting areas of restaurants and other retail operations, bank queues, and similar circumstances, as well as demonstrations, such as those of recipes in food stores etc.


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