Led Van Manufacturers

Techon is a leading LED van manufacturers and the optimum supplier of advertising LED van.The LED mobile van is often used for external advertisements. Promoted graphics on the moving screen always shock the public and draw their attention. A large and moving LED screen attracts more attention than a conventional and a casual “banner or hoarding”.Dynamic LED Vans display screens provide more control and flexibility and make it more suitable for your target markets. It also includes the latest processor which has a port connected to the sound system. Sound effects graphics and videos inadvertently affect the audience to listen, even if they are not paying attention to it. These LED Vans are not stable and therefore, the promotion is not limited to one place only.Led Van extends widely to LED customers and each step extends the circle of potential customers.


Advanced and reasonable system design, cost effective

Display effect stable, easy installation, and maintenance.

All weather work, fully suited for the environment, high brightness, light protection, seismic strong and high proportion of integrity.

Display High quality Video.

Easy to handle program editor software, the words, images, and videos can be edited just by clicking the mouse.