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Led signboards are a basic requirement for any business to showcase their business in local areas. Most people use some old kind of painted signboards and some of the business like restaurants and hotels use digital signboards nowadays many government offices also use digital led boards and many commercial offices like Car showrooms and Two-wheeler showrooms use the led signboards or led video walls and according to the research, we all came to know that there are lots of variety in led signboards and these can be compared at led display boards.in website the largest led signage manufacturer in India for all kinds of led signboards and digital display boards. They roll out many types of led signages. And I hope this article will help you to get more information on led signboards from good suppliers and manufacturers you can also search many more led signage manufacturers also there on the web but the reputed and verified is TECHON LED. Most trusted brand in the field of Led signboards.

What is the usual durability of LED signboards?

Led signboards are long-life products. If you buy local products which are generally typical Chinese based chip led, these are not so much efficient and good ones but the brands like TECHON and SAMSUNG and NICHIA kind of led sign boards are very good quality products. And comes with up to 5-year warranty on the products. Techon also offers up to lifetime online service and support. So if you are buying branded and genuine Led Signboards these can be a long life. As we have proven track record seen from Techon LED in 2011 they install the LED SIGN BOARD at one of location in 2020 still that board is working fine with adequate results.

Who will install the manufactured LED signboard?

Led sign board installation is not a typical task it can be managed easily. If the size of the signboard is not so much big like under 5 to 10 feet then it can be easily hung on the wall or on the pole. If the led signboard is a bigger one then we recommend customers that will be managed by us, and Installation will be done by Techon Led Team a Team of Professionals who install led sign boards perfectly anywhere in India. Because Techon Led has done installation in almost 50 cities in India and they are ready to do challenging work with on-time guarantee and delivery. Usually led sign boards are easy to install. It is like hanging a wall clock if the single color signboards but if there are multiple led video walls or signboards then we don’t recommend to clients to do it. And If the customer wants to install a board from the company, then the client has to bear the service charges of engineer which will include ticketing, flooding, and stay of engineer for installation and all.

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Will the LED signboard manufacturers in Ludhiana provide a catalog before placing an order?

Of course the Techon company will provide its digital catalog mentioning all the details of the boards. Techon has its own magazine and leaflet on the website you can easily download from here below link
And techon have youtube channel for more updates and latest led signboards Download Catalog

How much time does it take to make an LED signboard?

It depends on the size of the board and the terms and requirements of the customer. Usually the manufacturing process takes 2-3 days to 8-10 working days to complete a led signboard. Basically it depends on the customer’s size and product availability. Moreover, there are also sometimes every customer has their own requirements so the time is not fixed for the led sign board it can go up to 2 to 3 weeks.

What is the price of an LED signboard?

The price of the led sign boards varies from product to product. It depends on the size and other requirements of the customer. Different qualities of the same led product are present in the market. products with high-quality material and cabinet costs high than products with cheaper material. Normally it starts from 4500 to endless. As per customers’ needs.


  1. Can the led display running board be installed at Mohali of size 5sq feet.
    What is total cost including carriage and installation.


  2. Hello, I need BX-5U1 Software. But I do not see this software on your website. But I have tried downloading BX 2014 and I could not download it. Is it possible for you to send me the software by email. Here is my email address finaldestination19@yahoo.com and my name is Seema. I have been trying so hard to figure this Led out from so many days but so far No Luck. I hope that you can help me. Thanks for your time.

    1. Thanks for Your mail here below link is shared for you kindly download from here


  3. eed 3 billboards of sizes 2, 4×6 sq.ft and 1, 5x 7 sq. ft

    1. Thanks for Your inquiry , we would love to offer you all details like estimate and other for that we need some information from you 1. Your requirement in details for that you please mail us on absales91@gmail.com along with your City name , and Display Qty and Size and indoor or Outdoor requirements and preference of color like single or multi.

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