Communicating effectively is essential, using our LED displays help deliver critical information safely and efficiently to your staff or customers.

 *Parking facilities


 *Arrival/departure displays

 *Platform passenger information display

 *On-Vehicle displays for train, bus

 *Arterial roads to direct traffic to or from major routes.

 *Towed Mobile trailers with electronic LED Sign systems

 *Toll Booth signage

 *Sensor activated parking counter for tracking quantity of vehicles in lot.

A transportation display system is an automated system for supplying users of public transport. With information about the nature and state of a public transport service. It can be through visual, voice or other media.

 Passenger information is at the heart of any successful transport system. And enabling individuals to smoothly transit from one stage of their journey to the next. Owing to our in-depth domain expertise. We are engrossed in manufacturing, exporting and supplying Led Destination Boards for our precious clients. Manufacture per international standards using the best quality components under the guidance of our deft professionals.


 High functionality

 Strong structure

 Easy installation

 Optimum finish

LED Bus Destination Display

* Bus Mounted LED Destination Displays on the front and Back.

* Passenger Information System inside the Bus.

* Passenger Information Systems at the Bus Stops about arriving busses.

* Passenger Information Systems at the Bus Terminus all the Arriving Departing /buses.

* The hardware can be built to any specification from ruggedness to Water and Tamper      resistance etc. like IP65.

* We offer Red, Green or Full Color boards.

The Bus Destination Information can be loaded by composing the information on a PC and copying it to a Flash disk. This  Flash disk can be inserted directly into the display unit in the Bus to update the Bus Number, Destination Via etc.

Our solution also includes the software for driving the boards with minimal human

intervention. The software is written to be easy and intuitive to use. The software has a built in module to allow for displaying advertisements on the boards, this is especially useful for sponsored boards.


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