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How Pandemic effect Digital Signage Boards Business in India Leave a comment

Till now, pandemics used to sound like stories only for the current generation that we all used to listen through our ancestors. This year would be count as one of the worst years for the whole world that has affected all of us immensely. COVID-19 has brutally transformed the chronology of the things happening all over the world. This life-threatening disease has emerged as a speed breaker in the fast-paced life globally. As a result, the economy has inversely declined with the proportion of the increased number of deaths of positively-tested patients.

Due to this pandemic situation, small to big business houses, they all have got affected brutally. Especially industries like transportation, hospitality, entertainment, and education are somehow thriving to survive with their business now, where they were planning and strategizing to build more profits in 2020. The mandatory follow up of the guidelines of the government, restrictions related to a social gathering are still bothering the business modules related to mass gatherings of people. 

The impact can be seen evidently in the Digital Signage Boards business too, where no one wants to invest in such high budgeted technology that used to be the priority to display the information and messages till now. Players in the manufacturing business like Samsung, Xiaomi, etc., have also faced a severe fall down in terms of profit generation this year. Such paradigms have not only impacted such big brand names but also affected crucially various manufacturing houses all around the globe. This pandemic has become the most tragic times for which no one was ready in prior.

With the beginning of the year, sales started depicting a slower but continuous downfall in every industry, with no difference Digital Signage Board Business faced the same issues there. With the increasing number of positive cases where the government started announcing the rules and restrictions regarding the social gatherings and lockdown phases, the world of technology and entertainment experienced a sudden shock that will still more time than expected.

Undoubtedly with almost the ending of the year 2020, restrictions are getting lighter along with certain norms and regulations. In India, the market is steadily picking its speed, as per the sales figures are moving it seems that even now this will still take the next 1-2 years to achieve the profits that existed before the spread of the Corona Virus.

Implementation of New Strategies to Uphold the Digital Signage Boards Business in India

The existing and new players in the Digital Signage Board industry are also trying hard to survive in such chaotic situations. As per the current situation where there are no bright hopes till 2021 end, the dealers need to come up with new strategies and offerings. In the current situation, when no one wants to invest in such Digital Signage Boards that require a great investment to own them.

In such a crucial economic situation, it’s a better option to provide your customers. To give them favorable deals, you may create offers that will build more interest like free installation services or no extra cost EMI options, etc.

Also, in the current scenario manufacturing the new devices can’t be a good idea for your business, and instead of that, giving your clients options like leasing the tools, would be a better idea. It will not only create sustainability in your business but will also build trust in the marketplace.

Research and Development

As suggested, this is not the right to bulk up the manufacturing houses with more products, Designers can utilize this time in more research and development to get a better idea about the future demands of the buyers.

Points to be considered for investing in Digital Signage as a Buyer 

Renting or Leasing 

Instead of spending money on buying a whole new device, it’s better to opt for renting or leasing options. Many companies are giving leasing options for their buyers in offline and online markets both. 


Through the right networking, you can get a better price for any Digital Signage devices from content display software to LED Displays. The companies that provide you with networking facilities also keep track of all the procedures required from beginning to end. In case you are planning to buy maybe a media player for your home or your workplace, you can get the best deal through the right networking.

In the current situation, it’s better for the buyers that they use their money with more patience and smartness with the most trustable Digital Signboards Dealers like us that give great flexible offers and services and quality products. On the other hand, dealers need to utilize this time to approach their clients with better deals and prices while taking steps to understand the future needs of the market to live up with the upcoming demands of potential buyers.

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