Led Video Wall on Screen

Today crucial role play led video wall on screen in marriage,Parties and other occasion.Led video wall is a best way for promotion entertainment and communication.led video wall used best technology like SMD/DIP.Our Company not Compromise the products.Its Provide the best quality for other companies.

We give end-to-end arrangements, making it simpler for customer to join LED video Walls in their Communication/Advertisement framework. Our 360° arrangement incorporates equipment, programming, establishment, customization, content and support.

Contingent on the survey separate the pixel pitches are chosen for video Walls. We give scope of pixel pitches from 3 mm to 50 mm and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. According to the essential of customer’s site the video divider alternative is recommended and even redone.

Our open air LED displays are perfect with different information configurations, for example, DVD players, digital TV, web and intranet and so forth.

These are profoundly altered LED dividers, each LED video is redone concerning pixel pitches, determination, sizes, shapes etc.Our LED video dividers appreciates long life, they are weatherproof units and can endure clean, moistness or rain.